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Air Conditioning & Air Conditioning Installation

We Do It offers a variety of air conditioners and air conditioning solutions to keep you and your family cool during the hot Saskatchewan summers.

Air Conditioning

We Do It Plumbing and Heating proudly recommends and installs Daikin air conditioners. This is because We Do It cares about finding the perfect balance between the best quality and the best price. That is why we recommend Daikin air conditioners for your home. Daikin is the world’s leading manufacturer of indoor HVAC systems and offers innovative, energy-efficient heating and air conditioning products for your home. If your air conditioning unit needs replacement or servicing our trained technicians are capable of providing A/C services. Our experienced staff can recommend the best size and features for your lifestyle and budget. We offer free quotes and have financing options available.

Daikin DX13SN

Up to 14 SEER Performance Energy Efficient Cooling.

Daikin DX16SA

Performance High-Efficiency Scroll Compressor. Quiet Operation.


Designed to fit comfort, space-saving
and efficiency requirements.

Lennox 13 ACX

Single-stage air conditioner. Affordable, efficient cooling.

Lennox ML14XC1

Single-stage air conditioner. Efficient Durable Air Conditioner

Lennox 16 ACX

Multi Stage Air Conditioner. Affordable, efficient cooling.

Lennox EL16XC1

High Efficiency air conditioner. Cooling you can feel. Elite series.

Lennox EL18XCV

Truly variable. Truly digital. Next-Level Performance

Lennox XC 20

Variable Capacity air conditioner. High efficiency air conditioner.

Lennox XC 21

Multi-stage air conditioner. Part of the Lennox Signature Collection.

Lennox SL28

The Ultimate Side of perfect air. Consistently Perfect. Signature Collection.


Designed to fit comfort, space-saving and efficiency requirements.

Daikin DX20

High efficient. Up to 24 Seer with sound levels down to 58dba

Daikin DX 18TC

High-efficiency, two-stage scroll compressor. Cooling performance.

Daikin DX 16TC

Up to 16 SEER Performance High-Efficiency Scroll Compressor

Daikin DX 14 SA

Up to 15 SEER Performance Energy-Efficient Compressor

Daikin DX 13 SA

Up to 14 SEER Performance Energy-Efficient Compressor

Frequently Asked Questions

All companies have different costs of over head. At We Do It we are lucky to have a solid core of high quality journeyman plumbers and HVAC specialists that get thejob done right. We pride ourselves on providing proper training for our employees, company vehicles and quality gear/ tools. But more importantly we value compensating our employees fairly so their hard work and expertise is rewarded and they can provide for their young and growing families. Although you may be able to find a “cheaper quote” We Do It comes with 40+ of experience of providing quality workmanship and we stand behind our employees and pricing.

All companies have different costs of over head. At J&A we have a 6,000 sq/ft building we call home. We pride ourselves proper training for our employees, company vehicles and a career at J&A not just a job. Our installers take pride in their work. We guarantee there are companies out there that will be able to give you a “cheaper quote” but guess what… we aren’t a cheap company, and we don’t take short cuts. We have been around since 1978 and have employee that have been working here longer than most of those “cheaper quote” companies can keep there doors open for. We don’t believe in taillight warranty. So if you are looking for a company that can provide you with 12 years parts and 12 years labour then look no further.

* Call or request a quote via our website/email.
* We will send you a quote.
* Once quote is approved by the homeowner we will schedule a date and time for installation.
* After we have set up a time that works best for you we will call you the day prior to confirm the appointment (that’s if we aren’t already doing a same day install)
* After a confirmed game plan has been discussed our installers will cleanly and professionally install your system.
* The install can range anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on the difficulty.
* Once the installed is completed we ask the homeowner to be present at home in order to go over and explain the new system and its sequence of operation.
* Within the next few days you can expect a follow up email and invoice to pay via credit card, E-transfer, cheque or cash.

We value every call we get. Without you and your support there wouldn’t be a We Do It Plumbing and Heating. As our service department continues to grow we try to get to you as soon as possible. Depending on how busy our phones are and pre-scheduled appointments we can often schedule air conditioner installs the same week or following week depending on inventory and prior commitments. Please be patient on those days and know that we will do our absolute best to fit you in ASAP.