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The first smart thermostat to offer full two-way communications with Daikin HVAC systems.


Your thermostat can switch between heating and cooling, automatically. In addition to the usual heat-only and cool-only modes, Daikin One also has a hassle-free “auto” mode. When you switch it on, the thermo­stat automatically heats and cools to keep indoor temperature within a comfort zone.Cooler when you’re asleep. Warmer when you’re awake. Operating on a schedule, your thermostat can adjust to different temperatures each part of the day, every day of the week.Your thermostat can measure and display indoor air quality indexes. If you don’t have indoor air quality sensors, your thermostat can display an estimate based on filter runtime.Daikin is the World’s No. 1 air conditioning company. Thanks to our constant innovation in comfort, energy efficiency, control and reliability, we define the benchmarks for quality within the industry.


  • *The high-resolution color touch screen display is protected by the same toughened glass used in smart phones.
  • *The anodized aluminum bezel and dial are precision manufactured.
  • *The surfaces have a fine bead blast with a warm hued anodized finish.
  • *The dial rotation is extraordinarily smooth because it rests on a bearing assembly typically found in precision instruments.
  • *A switch behind the dial enables users to return to the home screen from any menu with a single tap.
  • *An integrated WiFi radio connects to the internet (via a home router) to the cloud and on to the homeowner mobile application
  • *A thin LED light bar sits flush within the bottom surface and runs from edge to edge delicately illuminating the wall beneath. The light bar indicates the current system mode: red-orange for heating and blue for cooling.
  • *A number of screen savers are available including an analog clock.
  • *Built-in bubble level aids professional installation.
  • *Auxiliary heat control capable

Frequently Asked Questions

Having the correct thermostat for system in your home makes a world of difference. From efficiency, wifi, heating/cooling modes etc.

But to break things down there are 3 type of thermostats: Smart, Programable and Manual.

Smart thermostats can range from doing almost everything but  making you coffee in the morning. They are programable and can be controlled via WIFI or if you want even from our office. There are a lot of different functions but the one I like the best is controlling and checking in on my house even when I’m  not home.

Programmable thermostats are just that… programable. You can set schedules, save on heating costs and help offset utilities.

Manual will offer your basic thermostat functions.

Smart thermostats are programmable thermostats taken to the next level of connectivity and comfort. You can control these thermostats from your computer, tablet or phone which means you can adjust your home’s temperature remotely.

Though they are the most expensive, these thermostats have the best comfort features and also save you money every month on your utility bills.

Features include:

  • Touch screen displays
  • Work with Amazon’s Alexa or Google.
  • Dirty air filter alerts
  • Multiple programmable schedules (weekday, weekend, vacation, etc.)
  • Schedule “learning” capabilities 

All companies have different costs of over head. At J&A we have a 6,000 sq/ft building we call home. We pride ourselves proper training for our employees, company vehicles and a career at J&A not just a job. Our installers take pride in their work. We guarantee there are companies out there that will be able to give you a “cheaper quote” but guess what… we aren’t a cheap company, and we don’t take short cuts. We have been around since 1978 and have employee that have been working here longer than most of those “cheaper quote” companies can keep there doors open for. We don’t believe in taillight warranty. So if you are looking for a company that can provide you with 12 years parts and 12 years labour then look no further.

Unsure if your thermostat is compatible with your HVAC system? Our comfort consultant will walk you through all your options. Our thermostats range from simplistic and uncomplicated to state of the art LED screens with Wifi, Bluetooth and voice activation technology. At J&A Heating and Plumbing we make it our priority to ensure your purchase is what is best for you.