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Furnace Parts & Furnace Components

Are you in Meadow Lake and surrounding area and in need of furnace parts?

We Do It Plumbing and Heating can provide a wide range of furnace components no matter the make or model.

We do sell furnace parts and components

Frequently Asked Questions

We stock a variety of common furnace parts and components. If we do not have your furnace part in stock we can have it in stock within the next 24-48 hours depending on the component. It is important to note that we do not control the supply chain and some parts may take longer than 48 hours to arrive.

Filters comes in all shapes and sizes. The filters we carry at We Do It Plumbing and Heating have different levels of efficiency and are rated by the size of particle they trap. We suggest talking to one of technicians to best identify what filter to purchase as your needs may vary. 

The Healthy Climate Merv 11 is a standard filter ideal for homes with pets and lasts roughly 8 to 12 months, while the Healthy Climate Merv 13 is ideal for filtering out mold and some viruses and last roughly 8-12 months. The Healthy Climate Merv 16 is the highest level of particle filtration you can purchase. The Merv 16 filter includes a carbon core which will reduce ozone while trapping germs and virus and removes up to 95% of particles in your home. In addition to these options, We Do It can also install HEPA filters to your ductwork to clean the air in your house to be as clean as the air in a hospital.

Furnace repairs can run from $300 to $2000+, while that is ball-park amount, there are many different parts for different furnaces at different price points. We do stock a variety of common parts, but it is not uncommon for us to need to order in the part. This process can take 24-48 hours or more depending on the furnace part needed. We do charge a minimum one hour diagnostic/service trip of $165. We then charge a total of $60 per half hour after the initial hour. Our technicians are highly skilled and do their best to solve the problem within the first hour but total time can vary depending on how complex the problem

When it comes to replacing parts our front office can provide you with an upfront and honest furnace part quote before installation. Oddly enough with older furnaces it sometimes makes sense to replace the furnace than to keep pouring money into different parts and components. Once you give us the approval to proceed our technicians can order and/or replace the furnace part as needed.

Here at We Do It we are community focused and on your side. We understand that decisions on larger purchases can’t be made right away. Our main priority is to get you and your family safe via a heat source. If we fix your furnace we will give you a 7 day grace period if you decide to replace your unit all together. We do this because we understand all decisions can’t be made right on the spot. Our technicians aren’t sales people, we are here to help.